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Have confidence in your next home inspection by hiring a well-trained, tested and insured Inspector.

As a homebuyer, you’re often faced with a complexity of issues and decisions that can be overwhelming. When it comes to selecting a home inspector, you need someone who is knowledgeable, impartial, and provides quality inspection services in accordance with applicable and recognized home inspection standards of practice.

Why Choose a NIBI® Certified Home Inspector?


Education and Testing

NIBI® Certified Inspectors must complete an initial comprehensive training course, test, and field inspections. In addition, NIBI® Inspectors have to re-certify every year.


Fully Insured

NIBI® requires Errors & Omissions liability insurance for all NIBI Certified Inspectors. No one wants to anticipate the possibility of issues; however, it’s crucial to be prepared.


Code of Conduct

NIBI® Certified Inspectors must adhere to a stringent Code of Conduct, so you can be assured your home inspection will be a truly professional experience.



I’ve used NIBI® Online Training as my go to source for inspector training for almost 2 decades.  It has allowed me to monitor the test results of my team and offer my team an in-depth resource for technical information.  Most importantly however is that it works.  My customers are happy because my inspectors are knowledgeable largely as result of their online NIBI® training.

-Bruce Howe, President Pacific West Property Inspections, Inc

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