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The National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI®) has been empowering home inspectors to
provide the highest quality service while reducing their personal exposure for over 30 years.

Why Become NIBI® Certified?


Set Yourself Apart

Empowering successful Home Inspectors since 1987, NIBI® sets you apart from the competition in an industry where no standardized training requirements exists.


Get Free Leads

Once you become a NIBI® Certified Inspector, you’ll be listed in our directory on our website. Show your professionalism, demonstrate your competency, and get free leads.



The #1 tool for risk reduction is knowledge. Get certified from the best to help reduce exposure for yourself and your business.

What Makes NIBI® Certification Different Than Other Home Inspection Certification Programs

There is no one conventional education or job background that adequately prepares an individual to be a professional home inspector. A strong construction or engineering background is a plus, but it does not obviate the need for formal inspection training.

Surprisingly, some home inspection licensing and certification programs allow inspectors to perform inspections prior to ever having completed any formal inspection training on issues specifically related to home inspection.

As a NIBI® Certified Inspector, you’ll be able to verify for your customers that you have completed a formal home inspection course, passed qualifying exams, and have practice field experience.


Get NIBI® Certified in 3 Simple Steps


1. Enroll Now

Enroll, create an account, and start taking courses immediately. You’ll be well on your way to getting certified in no time.


2. Start Learning

Use the easy-to-follow certification checklist to complete all the requirements of becoming a
NIBI® Certified Inspector.


3. Reach Your Potential

Use the easy-to-follow certification checklist to complete all the requirements of becoming a
NIBI® Certified Inspector.

What Other NIBI® Certified Home Inspectors Have to Say

I’ve used NIBI® Online Training as my go to source for inspector training for almost 2 decades.  It has allowed me to monitor the test results of my team and offer my team an in-depth resource for technical information.  Most importantly however is that it works.  My customers are happy because my inspectors are knowledgeable largely as result of their online NIBI® training.
-Bruce Howe, President Pacific West Property Inspections, Inc

We’re Here to Help Your Every Step of the Way

We understand the challenges of serving your customers and reducing your exposure as a Home Inspector. Through our annual re-certification program, we track the success of our students, giving us valuable insight into areas where inspectors need greater focus.

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