About Us

About Us

At NIBI®, we know how important it is for you to serve your customers with expertise and confidence. To succeed, you need the knowledge, skills, and credentials to develop your proficiency and grow your business. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of practical training programs available for those interested in becoming a home inspector, leaving you out there seemingly on your own to “figure it out”. It doesn’t have to be that way!

NIBl was established in New Jersey in 1987, to provided the first comprehensive educational and training program for home inspectors. NIBI's original curriculum was based on the successful program initially developed for the HouseMaster franchisee system that had been used up to that point to prepare hundreds of inspectors for a career in home inspections. Since then, thousands of home inspectors in the United States and Canada have completed NIBl® educational and training programs and have gone on to be successful home inspectors

NIBI’s course development and support team has been led by veteran home inspection professional Joe Cummins. Joe is an industry veteran with over 42 years’ experience as a home and commercial building inspector, technical writer and educator. Joe, along with other highly experienced professionals has built the NIBI educational and certification programs to what they are today.


 NIBI is registered with the New Jersey Department of Workforce Development and Department of Education as an approved Private Career School. NIBl’s classroom and online educational and training programs also meet home inspector pre-licensure and pre-registration requirements in many states. The eleven module NIBI Online Home Inspection Certificate Course can be used in over 35 states and provinces as the initial means of home inspector education for prospective home inspectors, and for continuing education in all areas. Prospective students should review current local requirements and pre-licensing and continuing education approvals prior to enrollment in a course if licensure or license renewal is the reason for enrolling in a course.

Exam Prep:

 The syllabi for the NIBI Online courses provide the comprehensive education students need to be prepared to take home inspection exams. Each NIBI Online course includes hundreds of review quizzes and graded tests to help reinforce student learning and retention – so that they have the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully pass home inspector exams..


Home inspectors have the opportunity to become a NIBI Certified Inspector. Inspectors who have completed a NIBI (or other approved) home inspection training program, submit proof of observing/completing a minimum of 50 home inspections, submit reports for review and feedback, complete the NIBI Certification Exam (or other recognized national exam) and carry professional liability insurance may qualify for NIBI certification.

Annual Re-Certification:

What truly makes NIBI a unique and valued program is its annual re-certification requirement. NIBI is the only certification program in the home inspection industry that requires inspectors complete an annual review course and test to maintain certification. This test focuses on new issues relevant to home inspections that surface during the preceding year, as well as general best practices, to ensure inspectors are up to date on all critical issues. NIBI Certification is another way inspectors can differentiate themselves – and demonstrate they have gone above and beyond minimum licensing requirements to further their knowledge and offer the highest quality services.